Life Lessons with Mexico Mom – Garage Doors Are Dangerous

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I am backkkk! After a much-needed hiatus I am back with Life Lessons! Sorry to be so out of sorts the past few months but we have been through a lot of changes and I needed a break ;-) So what do you think about the new image? Does it have enough love and madness for you?? If the image isn’t enough then my stories surely will. Stay tuned and subscribe to Life Lessons in my right sidebar!

Weekly Life Lessons with a Mexico Mom – As a wife of one and a mom of four, it seems like I am always learning and discovering! I know I am not alone. Let’s just admit it: The world is a big place, life is a lesson, and children can be the best teachers. This will be my standard introduction for Life Lessons. I hope you join me every week for a hearty laugh, a deep thought, or maybe both, if I am really on the ball.

Here are my insights and experiences as a Mexico Mom, for the week of May 4th, 2015:

Life Lesson 71: Election Campaigns are Crazy

At least in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico they are. Last week Alexis and I were driving home through the main part of town. It was probably the most interesting drive through this city yet! At every corner there were supporters of Ramon, a man running for some political position or another. Every time we came to an intersection we were met with a surprise, including: balloons, ice cream, cute shirtless guys, native Mexican Indian dancers in full costume, children’s carnival rides, posters, banners, and even a mechanic bull to test your bull-riding skills. I only wish I had my camera!

Life Lesson 72: Garage Doors are Dangerous

I think most automatic garage doors have sensors to detect children, pets, and other objects, right? Our garage door does not. On Monday, Tristan was playing in the garage about 12 feet from the door. I pressed the button to close the garage door and looked away for probably two seconds. Then I heard Tristan cry out in pain. When I looked he was already under the door. I ran to him and picked him up. Tristan was so upset that he had a Breath Holding Spell. After examining his back I saw that the door caught him at an angle. He had scrape marks from trying to wiggle underneath the door. Tristan was following his new toy that was rolling out into the street. It all happening so quick. I felt terrible and got a little panicky. Brad and my Dad decided that he was okay, just scared and bruised. Tristan is acting perfectly fine, thankfully, and his scrapes are healing very well. Be careful with garage doors! I wish I hadn’t turned away and was watching him closer :-(

Life Lesson 73: You Can Safely Drive Through Mexico

This is possible. When we travel back from the border with our four kids in tow, we leave Texas at 5 in the morning. Then we drive 14 hours straight to Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico. We have done this six times now without any incidents. This last trip my husband took a bus to the border to meet my parents and they drove down together in my parent’s vehicle. Everyone thinks Mexico is sooo dangerous. Maybe in some places, and maybe if you look for trouble, but for those of us who try to keep our noses clean, there have been no problems. Want to do a road trip through Mexico? Do it! Just use common sense.

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2 thoughts on “Life Lessons with Mexico Mom – Garage Doors Are Dangerous

  1. Jenn says:

    Oh, that part about the garage doors just made my heart skip a beat! Glad your little one is okay!! I bet that was a really scary experience for him!

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