Life Lessons with Mexico Mom – Week 16

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For Example: There is no such thing as the “perfect” family photo when you have four young kids. – Photo Credit: A. Hurst Photography 2014

Weekly Life Lessons with a Mexico Mom – As a wife of one and a mom of four, it seems like I am always learning and discovering! I know I am not alone. Let’s just admit it: The world is a big place, life is a lesson, and children can be the best teachers. This will be my standard introduction for Life Lessons. I hope you join me every week for a hearty laugh, a deep thought, or maybe both, if I am really on the ball. Although on that note, I am taking off next week so don’t miss me ;-) I will be resuming life lessons on January 30th. See you then and enjoy this week’s Life Lessons with Mexico Mom below.

Here are my insights and experiences as a Mexico Mom for the week of January 12th, 2015:

Life Lesson 46: Even if you are in your Bible ministry, men will hit on you. I told him I was married with four kids. That didn’t matter. He was proud of his bride and his son. I am glad I didn’t understand most of his Spanish because I would probably have been more embarrassed and felt more awkward, if that is possible. Apparently I attract drunk men too. This guy fell on my partner and tried to give me a kiss. It was a rough morning. I felt panicky all afternoon!

Life Lesson 47: I am not feeding our 20 month old enough. Tristan has resorted to scavenging. He really likes kitten food. He knows where it’s located, and when the door is open, he heads straight for it. I have no idea what the ingredients are but I am not going to think about it. If it doesn’t kill the cat, it won’t kill Tristan. Yesterday I found him happily snacking beside the kitten. Again :-(

Life Lesson 48: Taylor is not a picky eater and has a good immune system. Kinda like her brother, Tristan… Our nine year old found a piece of cereal in her shoe last night and she ate it. If she knew this was going live on the Internet she would probably give me a dirty look. But at least I know our children will never starve without a fight. This is significant. It gives me a bit of light in the dark ;-)

Want to see last week’s life lessons? Check them out here: Life Lessons with Mexico Mom – Week #15. Signing off, Tina, aka Mexico Mom

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