Life Lessons with Mexico Mom – I Peed In Someone’s Front Yard

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Weekly Life Lessons with a Mexico Mom – As a wife of one and a mom of four, it seems like I am always learning and discovering! I know I am not alone. Let’s just admit it: The world is a big place, life is a lesson, and children can be the best teachers. This will be my standard introduction for Life Lessons. I hope you join me every week for a hearty laugh, a deep thought, or maybe both if I am really on the ball

Life Lessons with Mexico Mom - I Peed in Someone's Front Yard

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Here are my insights and experiences as a Mexico Mom while road tripping home from Texas to Michoacan, Mexico for the week of September 22, 2014:

Life Lessons #1: I am not a charity although I wish I could feed the world.

We were approached at two gas stations, before we exited our vehicle, by women and children asking for money. At the first, I shared some fruit bars. At the second, I told them we didn’t have anything for them, after all, we have four mouths to feed, three times a day. I only wish I could feed the world :-(

Life Lessons #2: Getting pulled over by Mexican federal policeman isn’t always bad.

Brad was patted down and asked to empty his pockets. They were pulling over all dark-colored trucks at a highway checkpoint. We think they were looking for drugs or drug money. The officer was very nice and I think he enjoyed practicing his English on us. UPDATE: The policia don’t like our dark, Suburban-like vehicle… We seem to be pulled over on a regular basis for no apparent reason!

Life Lessons #3: Don’t pee while road tripping in someone’s front yard.

Sawyer had to pee and boys are easy, so we pulled off the highway to let him go. Taylor and I decided we had to pee too. I spotted a hidden area and we took advantage of it. While emptying my bladder I realize there is a house directly in front of us hidden behind a fence and a crop of cacti. The dogs barking at us and the private property sign gave the residence away. I can only hope no one was home. Such is the crazy adventures of road tripping!

This week we have three new life lessons. Next week maybe we will have five. This week I am posting Life Lessons on a Saturday. Next week, I just don’t know. I am running a report on Google Analytics to figure out which day I have the most readers… I am curious to see what I learn from this. Probably another Life Lesson, blogger style. Signing off, Tina, aka Mexico Mom


10 thoughts on “Life Lessons with Mexico Mom – I Peed In Someone’s Front Yard

  1. Jamie says:

    Great post – I love to read things that make me smile, and this was adorable. So glad that others go through some of the same things!! #ibabloggers

  2. Amy Kelsch says:

    I love how you share your life with humor and insight! This must be an exciting and sometimes challenging time for you but it sounds like you and your family are ROCKIN’ it! :)

  3. Leslie Limon says:

    Hi Tina! Stopping by to wish you a happy SITS day! I too am a gringa living in Mexico. (14 years today!) I am always happy to discover new Mexpat blogs. I look forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you.

  4. Monique says:

    Wow what a treat to read your posts! My family is from mexico but I have never lived there. You are opening a window to my own country for me! Haha. Thank you! Look forward to more of your posts!

  5. Kirsten says:

    I enjoyed reading this post as it reminded me of my own experience of being pulled over by the Federales when I was in college. They were looking for drugs and I was thankful I spoke Spanish. You never know when you’re going to need those language skills! And the peeing thing? My kids still haven’t figured that one out. Stopping by from SITS.

  6. JoAnn says:

    The peeing in someone’s yard lesson made me laugh out loud! This post reminded me of being in Mexico and having someone always asking for money but feeling bad turning them down. I was shocked that we even had to pay for toilet paper in the gas station restroom.

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