Life in Mexico – Problems in The Hood

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No matter what, this smile makes me feel better! – Sawyer, age 3
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Life in Mexico is not happily ever after. We have problems in the hood. This week is a perfect example.

First, finding a home proved more difficult than imagined. Although we did find one that we really like on Sunday, so that stressor has been eliminated. It is someone who Brad studies the Bible with. After much prayer this is the door that was opened. It truly seems to be a good thing. I will post photos as soon as I can.

Second, we did not have water during the weekend. That was a big pain, having to take showers at the pool house, but that was fixed on Monday. It is not the first water problem at this house, but we leave next week so no more worries for us. At least not about the water, I hope. I am sure this next house will have some surprises of it’s own. Homes require a lot of maintenance wherever they are.

Third, Brad dropped his tablet on Friday night. His brand spanking new 10 inch Samsung tablet. The screen looks like a spider web. It still works thankfully. We were able to go downtown to the technology mall and order a new screen for 1000 pesos. It should be here in about five days. He was always afraid the kids would break a tablet. No, Daddy broke a tablet.

Fourth, I can’t talk about it, and it’s the most painful. I know, right? But seriously I need to be tactful. Let’s just say we are not perfect parents and our kids are not perfect kids. We are going to try making some big changes as a family. And no, we are not moving to another country. Hopefully not for a few years. Here’s hoping for the best results from our increased efforts and new methods concerning parenting!

Last, my computer won’t start. This morning it was working, this afternoon it’s not. It’s an Asus touchscreen laptop and it’s only a year old. Another one of Brad’s Bible studies repairs computers. So maybe he can work a miracle. I have so much information stored on that thing. How will I blog without it?? Right now I am on my tablet, but that will only get me so far :-( Sometimes you just need a computer!

So you see folks,  wherever you are problems arise. Mexico is lovely but it sure ain’t paradise! I know that compared to the suffering around the world, these few issues seem petty. I will be happy that: I am in Mexico, I have a wonderful husband, I have beautiful, smart, loving children, I am fairly healthy, some people love me, and some people even accept me and my family for who we are. And I am getting ready to move in a beautiful house. Oh and guess what? Brad just got my computer started! There was water on the battery connection. When I dropped that cup of water this morning it must have traveled further then I thought :-/ Signing off, Tina

7 thoughts on “Life in Mexico – Problems in The Hood

  1. Lauren Tamm says:

    I completely relate to live in another country. It’s such a whirlwind sometimes, and I still can’t even believe I’m living in Okinawa, Japan of all places. Our brand new touch screen laptop got the screen busted during our travels from NC to Japan. It’s a bit of a spiderweb, but we are living with it now. Also just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and your impending changes in parenting. I know I’m not in your situation, but parenting is tough. Really tough. I empathize. We are awaiting a typhoon this weekend (category 5) although it will not be a direct hit. We may not have power or hot water in the coming days. Wish me luck.


  2. Sally Back says:

    Hang in there Tina. Some days are better than others no matter where you are. The hardest thing to do is raise a family and you are never done but it is also the most rewarding thing you can do. I will pray for Jehovah’s support for you. No matter what the challenge. Hugs from Kentucky.

  3. Elena says:

    I love that smile. ;) I enjoy reading about your experiences. I spent seven years in Central Mexico. That’s where I met my hubby. We enjoyed doing the same work you are. Keep up the good work and have a blast!

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