Homemade Liquid Hand Soap

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Oh my goodness! I have not been on the blog for a while. Sorry. Distractions and priorities. But today is a new day so I tried logging in to Blogger… Crazy! I don’t know if Google changed their setup or if I just had too many Google accounts to connect but it took me 30 minutes to get it all set up. Boo!

I recently made homemade liquid hand soap and my whole house smelled great! It is an easy process. I have tried it a few times and my family likes it.

Here are the ingredients:

  • One bar soap – we prefer natural. I used Burt Bee’s Cranberry & Pomegranate 5 ounce bar this time.
  • One gallon water – give or take a few ounces – no big difference.
  • One teaspoon citric acid – works as a preservative.
  • Two teaspoons glycerine – helps thicken the soap and is good for the skin.

Fill your storage container with water and pour into pot.These are the directions:

  • Use a cheese shredder to shred bar of soap. Put into pot and bring to boil. House smells awesome!
  • When soap is dissolved remove from heat and add your citric acid and glycerine. Stir well.
  • Let mixture sit 12 hours or overnight to thicken.




You can see that my containers are nothing fancy but they work well. Look how the soap has changed color and changed properties now that it has thickened. We have been using it for four days in our main bathroom.

You can use a larger bar of soap or different brands of soap.Here are a few side notes:

  • You can also play with the measurements for the glycerine and the citric acid, but be careful with the glycerine because you don’t want to clog the hand pump.
  • You can also add essential oils if your soap has no fragrance. Research essential oils first.
  • My first hand pump did not work for this soap. I had to use a hand pump for hand sanitizer. The pump for hand sanitizer works great.
  • This homemade liquid hand soap does not lather up with lots of suds like regular soap. But my hands do feel clean and soft after use.


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