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Taylor, our sweet creative ten-year-old daughter, loves her guitar. Before we moved to Mexico some family friends in Kentucky gave her an old, beat-up guitar. It needs to be tuned regularly but other than that it plays well. Since moving to Mexico I have been telling Taylor we would find someone to give her guitar lessons. I took piano lessons as a child and I loved them. I wanted Taylor to have the same experience. When I was asked to review Gentle Guitar and try three free lessons, I jumped at it. Taylor loved her lessons and we would like to continue them. I encourage you to give them a try as well. If your kid loves guitar, he will love these music lessons.




How Can Music Lessons Benefit My Child?

According to Parents there are six ways that  music lessons can benefit your child.

  • Improve academic skills like math and memory.
  • Develop physical skills such as coordination and motor skills.
  • Encourage social skills including interaction and communication. In the case of Gentle Guitar, Taylor worked with her teacher over Skype.
  • Refine discipline and patience because we all know that learning to play an instrument well, requires time and effort.
  • Boost self-esteem by turning constructive criticism into positive change. I know that Taylor was very proud of the notes she learned to play with Gentle Guitar.
  • Introduce children to other cultures with a variety of music and songs.

Music lessons for children also benefit moms and dads. Why? Because while your kid is engrossed in their private Skype lesson you can focus on something non-parent related ;-) Every honest parent knows what I am talking about. While your child may need assistance getting started, after the music lessons begin, mom or dad can sit down and relax with a cup of coffee. Sounds nice, right? Your kid is learning and you are chilling!





Why Should I Use Gentle Guitar?

Online education is a big deal these days. It’s picking up speed for homeschooling and regular schooling. Gentle Guitar is keeping pace with the latest education trends, along with websites like Khan Academy and Udemy.

Gentle Guitar is taking the lead in offering online guitar lessons for children.

There are other companies that offer something similar for adults. But Gentle Guitar is going in a new direction and offering guitar tuition for children. They the first brand to specialize in online guitar for kids.

Here are a few things we liked about Gentle Guitar and I think you will find these points helpful as well:

  • With their live Skype lessons Taylor had her very own private tutor.
  • They worked with our schedule and we were able to pick a convenient time.
  • They give you printable workbooks to use during class and as homework.
  • The customer service is superb and communication is fast.
  • Pricing is very reasonable, with several curriculum options.





Tell Me More About These Fantastic Guitar Lessons

I mentioned that Gentle Guitar offers several curriculum options. Here are two of them but online you will find the online video course along with five types of private lessons.

  • Online Video Course: For ages 5 1/2 to 8; child and parent learn together; Sign up today and get the first three lessons free
  • Private Skype Lessons: For ages 5 1/2 to 12; children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult; sign up any time

You can find Gentle Guitar on the following social networks online as well:

We have enjoyed our experience with Gentle Guitar. We hope you will join us. Give your child the gift of music lessons and watch them glow!


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  1. Mario says:

    First things First! Just learn the Pentatonic scales and you have half the battle won.Search in youtube for the Pentatonic scales and don’t be afraid is easy to learn.Good Luck!

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