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Where Can I Find Child Friendly Videos?

I know I am not the only parent out there who feels the need to monitor my kids Internet activity. With so much garbage online it can be difficult to keep our kids safe from inappropriate content. Sometimes we will watch educational videos for children on the web only to be disappointed with the advertisements or related videos. Finding wholesome and quality educational videos for children takes time. Our family had the opportunity to review Highbrow, children’s videos focused on learning and developing skills, and I would like to share our experience with you. Highbrow will make your life a little easier and safer, whether you are a homeschooling family or just a concerned parent looking for educational videos for children.

What Is Highbrow?

Highbrow is like Netflix for children’s educational videos. The website contains hundred’s of videos that aim to teach children in our tech-savvy society and involve children in the learning process. All of the contributors and videos are screened before approval which makes Highbrow a safe learning environment for your child. The videos cover many different topics including art, health, humanity, math, music, science, and even sign language! These educational videos for children are suitable for ages 1 to 13. Sawyer, our four-year-old enjoyed the preschool videos, while Alexis, our eleven-year-old, spent time learning with the science videos.




Highbrow is also very cost-effective for those of us who are budget conscious. Here is a breakdown in pricing:

  • Monthly subscription = $8/month
  • Annual subscription = $60/year (effective cost = $5/month)
  • First month is free in both packages with a free 30-day free trial (no commitment, cancel anytime)
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Why Use Highbrow for Children’s Videos?

  • Highbrow is safe.
  • Highbrow is user-friendly.
  • Highbrow monitors your child’s progress.
  • Highbrow is cost-effective.
  • My kids liked Highbrow and so will yours! Especially if you have a little scientist living in your house like we do. Alexis loves science experiments and Sick Science! by Steve Spangler was awesome for this reason. He has 200 science experiments videos in Highbrow’s video library. Some of these videos require parental supervision but you can use this time to bond and play with your children while learning at the same time! All of the videos can be done at home with just a few ingredients or tools.



Why Are Educational Videos for Children Important?

Educational videos for children are important because we live in a world where kids are introduced to technology at a very young age. With smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs, you can’t escape the fact that your children will be online at some point, learning. It is your choice what your children learn. Give them something you can feel good about. Try out Highbrow and let your children learn with educational videos for children in a safe environment.

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Signing off, Tina

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