Understanding My Dilemma of Distraction

I have a dilemma. I am easily distracted. I allow myself to become overwhelmed. Here I am sitting in bed, thinking, when I should be sleeping. Balance is so hard for me. My brain is always working and planning. Sometimes my body wants to sleep but my mind won’t rest.


I always have multiple projects going at the same time. For example:

  • I live in Mexico as an expat, learning Spanish.
  • I spend 20 hours a week in my Bible ministry or at my Bible meetings.
  • I have four children; two homeschooling, one in public school, (all Spanish), and one very active toddler.
  • I visit my son’s public school class twice a month and teach English.
  • I have a personal blog, I contribute to various blogs, and I am the president of the IBA, (read more about that here).

So you see… I am one busy bee with lots of projects. I take on too much. I get excited and I think, just for a minute, that I am wonder woman. After I am in full swing, trying to balance everything, I realize, “Oops. I am definitely NOT wonder woman.”

Stupid, I know. You would think I would have learned my limitations by now. I just get so stinkin’ excited and I want to help! I don’t want to miss out on anything.

What Is Most Important To Me?

I know what is important. My God, my family, and my health. But… I have to constantly remind myself of these things, lest I be distracted from the things of this world. It’s kinda like the shiny, sparkling Christmas lights, even here in South Mexico. They are dazzling and oh so pretty, (and I don’t even celebrate Christmas…), that you can lose yourself admiring the glimmer.

One time I was having a disagreement with my husband and we had a friend staying the night. I was furious about something… and then our friend says, “Look, Tina, a hummingbird is at your feeder.” I stopped my speech and said, “Really? Where?” My husband still teases me about this. I lost my focus and started laughing. I wasn’t even upset with my husband anymore. This dilemma of distraction is part of having ADHD.

We had a wonderful three-day Bible convention the beginning of this month in Guadalajara. There were many beautiful reminders that I needed. It is so easy to lose our focus in our busy, hectic lives. Then we had a study article at our Sunday Bible meeting about keeping God first in your life. I felt as if it was speaking to me! “Quit getting distracted Tina! Keep your focus!”

Struggling To Keep My Focus

I recently simplified my blogging. I ended a few assignments that were not working for me anymore. I think I can simplify my Bible ministry schedule. Same hours, less preparation, if that makes any sense. I also need to lighten my load with the IBA, assigning some of my tasks to another board member. Being president is a huge job, more than I realized. I love it but I have to remain balanced. I simply cannot do it all.

I am not wonder woman, like I am not a super mommy. I am only me, a smart, independent, feisty, adventurous, slightly nutty, mom of four, wife of one, who still doesn’t know her limitations.

This world offers us plenty of distractions. Sometimes I fall short, or perhaps many times, and I am ensnared. Every. Single. Day. I must ask myself, “What is important to me? Where are my priorities?”

Distraction is one of my personal dilemmas. What about you? What is your dilemma? We all have them. It’s part of being imperfect and it’s imperfectly normal. Till next time, signing off in Mexico, Tina

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