CoSchedule – One Awesome Plugin This Cheap Blogger Pays For

CoSchedule - One Awesome Plugin This Cheap Blogger Pays For
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Your blog is new and you can’t afford to put money into fancy tools or plugins. I know. I was there. I have been blogging on a regular basis for over three years. The first two years, I refused to pay for anything blogging-related. Finally, I broke down and now, I use CoSchedule and it’s amazing!! Seriously, I love it.

CoSchedule - One Awesome Plugin This Cheap Blogger Pays For

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What is CoSchedule?

Many wonderful things! These are my favorites.

  • An Editorial Calendar – I always know what content I am publishing and when!
  • A Social Media Auto-Poster or Scheduler – With social templates, best image, best time, a headline analyzer, and social helpers, this is the BOMB!
  • A way to Refresh and Reshare Old Blog Posts with Requeue – Can’t express how much I LOVE this. SERIOUSLY.
  • A Referral Program – Make some of that money back by sharing with your friends.

Watch this video below to get an overview of the company.

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

Why CoSchedule? Why Pay For It?

Because it’s awesome.


I was skeptical at first… but after the 14-day free trial, I was an easy sale. None of these tools or plugins below worked for me and COSCHEDULE DID. Here’s why:

  • Buffer’s free version is great for sharing things on Facebook and Twitter but I don’t like using it to schedule my blog posts. I paid for the plan and then asked for a refund because it didn’t meet my needs. For the price, CoSchedule offers so much more. It’s like they combine a bunch of great ideas into one!
  • NextScripts Social Network Auto Poster was a mistake. That plugin gave me such a headache that it was literally a HUGE relief to delete it. The reason I tried Nextscripts is that it was cheap… and it posted to many networks. As I learned, though, cheap isn’t always good. This plugin was constantly giving me errors and slowly driving me mad. No problems with CoSchedule. Not one!
  • Jetpack has a Publicize plugin plus tons of other plugins wrapped into one but don’t try it. Jetpack is another one of those plugins that gave me website issues constantly. Some of its features are pretty cool but who can afford errors and issues when they have a busy schedule? Again, no errors with CoSchedule!

There are more… lots more… if you are looking for an auto-poster you will come across many tools and plug-ins. I have probably tried half of them. Okay, maybe not half, but a LOT. So far nothing has compared to CoSchedule. So let me save you some time and work. Just give in and try it. What can a free 14-day trial hurt? I am pretty sure after you try you will fall in love like I did ;-)


What more can I say? Signing off, Tina, Blogger Extraordinaire, (At least in my little world. Hehe…)


6 thoughts on “CoSchedule – One Awesome Plugin This Cheap Blogger Pays For

  1. Audrey says:

    I am supposed to be on CoSchedule right now writing my social media posts for the week. It has made my life so much easier and am so glad I finally listened to you and Haley and everyone else that told me to give it a try.

  2. Haley Bradley says:

    I knew the day you bought it I would try it too! Now I can’t imagine blogging without it. CoSchedule really removes the headaches! Plus, they are super helpful when I have questions and ALWAYS email me back… That is a rare thing in the blogging world.

    If I had to pick 3 things to pay for my blog it would be CoSchedule, Tailwind, and WP Rocket for caching.

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