Cats in Mexico – Don’t Buy a Pet, Save a Street Cat, (Or Dog)!

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UPDATED 5/10/18 We love animals. When we moved to Mexico in 2013 we left behind a cat and a dog. We found them good homes but I hated to leave them. They were part of our family and I still miss them. However, finding pets in Mexico has NOT been difficult. Street cats and street dogs are everywhere and they need a home! Continue reading and meet our cats in Mexico :-)

Cats in Mexico - Don't Buy a Pet, Save a Street Cat, (Or Dog)

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We had a few pets since moving to Mexico besides cats. We had a rabbit, ducks, chickens, a dog, guinea pigs, a squirrel, and our most recent addition has been a turtle named Squirt. Some of these pets died, some of them ran away, and we had to rehome the rabbit, guinea pigs, and our huge dog.

Right now we have three cats and Squirt, the turtle. They are healthy and happy. Our cats in Mexico are rescues and two of them were street cats. I believe it is better to give a homeless animal a home, then support the local pet shops. Not that there is anything wrong with buying a pet, but if you can rescue one you are saving it from a sad life on the streets. Rocky is the brown tabby, Starbucks is the white Siamese mix, and Coco is the other white Siamese mix.


We found Rocky at a friend’s house. He was a street kitten living off scraps and under a jeep. He was very friendly and purred nonstop. He is a great cat for the kids with his easy-going personality. Rocky talks, (meows), with me all the time. We have our own little conversations. He loves to go out our bedroom window at night and sometimes gets himself into “situations”. Twice he has fallen over the walls into our neighbor’s yards.  Once we had to use our ladder to retrieve him from a seldom-used lot. Another time he didn’t come home for three weeks. I was sure that we lost him. Then one day he was at my window waiting to come inside. Now I try to keep him home at nights by locking him out of our bedroom. He doesn’t much like this and meows at the door for over an hour ;-)


Starbucks was given to us as a kitten by a neighbor who couldn’t care for him. He was a true scaredy cat. Now he is very independent and carefree. Starbucks loves his big brother, Rocky. He follows Rocky everywhere. Everywhere that is, except over the walls. Starbucks doesn’t leave home. He is very content here with us. He has beautiful blue eyes and sometimes appears to be a little cross-eyed. And he hates baths. So much that I have officially stopped giving them to him. After he tried to rip my arm off on one occasion I decided it wasn’t worth it. Now he gets washcloth baths. Starbucks also hates being accidentally locked in a room overnight by himself. One night he completely destroyed a computer mouse and keyboard and partially destroyed a set of blinds, not to mention ruining various other odds and ends. Besides that, he is a good kitty ;-)


Coco was found as a kitten with her head stuck in a nearby school fence. She was terrified but very friendly and healthy. Our girls asked all the neighbors around the school if they had lost a kitten. No one claimed her. At first, Rocky did not accept her but fortunately, that only lasted about a week. She is a sweetheart and a lap cat. The boy cats sleep with us but won’t sit on my lap. Coco is opposite. She loves a warm seat and keeps me company when I am on my laptop. She is also adventurous like Rocky. She has fallen over the same wall into the seldom-used lot and again I had to use the ladder to retrieve a cat. She talks to me like Rocky does too, whereas Starbucks just ignores me. But all three of them will come running for their treats when we call “Kitty, kitty, kitty!” Coco is usually in the lead and the boys will let her have the first pick of everything. She is a princess with a pink collar :-)

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Cats in Mexico – Last Words

Our cats are neutered and spayed, have their shots, are dewormed, and flea free. As you can guess vet visits are cheaper in Mexico. The threesome have collars with little bells on them so we know where they are and what they are doing. They destroy my flowers, poop in my plants, play with clean laundry on the line, bring us dead birds, live mice, and eat anything accidentally left on the kitchen counter. But we still love them. They are part of our family now and I hope they are with us for a long time.

If you live in Mexico and you want a pet before you buy one you might try to save one. And don’t forget to spay or neuter. If you can’t find a healthy street pet, you might try Facebook. Here in Uruapan, we have several Facebook groups for animal rescues that need homes. I am sure most of the bigger Mexican cities have similar groups too. Happy pet hunting!

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Meet our cats in Mexico :-) Signing off, Tina

Rocky Balboa. The new little man in my life ;-) #catlover #cat #kitten #rescuecat #cutecat

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Tristan and Rocky Balboa. He’s such a good kitty. Very patient!

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Rocky is the best big brother to Starbucks. They are hiding from the rain.

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I love my cats ❤

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We named him Starbucks because he looks like the foam on a latte 😊

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We had a guest during our Bible reading 😃

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Originally published May 7, 2017

8 thoughts on “Cats in Mexico – Don’t Buy a Pet, Save a Street Cat, (Or Dog)!

  1. Deborah S. says:

    Love both of your kitties, and the photos with your kids are adorable! Let me suggest breakaway collars for the cats. The clip will come undone if the collar is caught on fence, in a bush, whatever, and reduces the risk of strangling. PetsMart has a basic one for $4 US; you should be able to find one in Mexico. Give the kitties some rubs for me!

  2. Dorothy Berry-Lound says:

    This made me laugh “They destroy my flowers, poop in my plants, play with clean laundry on the line, bring us dead birds, live mice, and eat anything accidentally left on the kitchen counter. But we still love them. ” I can totally relate!

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