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Bible Ministry in Mexico – Tasty Grasshoppers, Cute Pigs, & More


A big part of our life in Mexico is our Bible ministry. Bible Ministry in Mexico, (previously Bible Ministry Adventures),  is an ongoing series featuring sights and surroundings from our missionary work abroad. Our family of six resides in Southern Mexico and we spend a large amount of time in our community looking for people that […]

40 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Guadalajara Zoo


Last December we were in Guadalajara for a Bible convention. We arrived a few days early and went to Guadalajara Zoo. As far as zoos go we were impressed! It was a great day and we enjoyed ourselves, kids and adults, alike. If we have the chance we will definitely return. Enjoy our photos :-) […]

How Does a Family of Six Live in Mexico On $2000 a Month?

How Does a Family of Six Live in Mexico On $2000 a Month

Updated 9/15/18 with the current exchange rates – First, let’s just get our income out of the way. My husband is a pensionado or a retiree. His income comes from social security disability because of a brain injury in 2001. I don’t have much of an income. My blog and photography are mostly for enjoyment […]

Vehicle Transport Abroad: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Vehicle Transport Abroad: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

*This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with A-1 Auto Transport. You can read my full disclosure policy here. The need for vehicle transport abroad becomes necessary for many individuals, especially those planning to relocate. The process of transporting an automobile overseas isn’t something that the untrained and unprepared person can take on alone. Thankfully, there are many international […]

5 Things We Love And Hate About Mexico Public Schools

5 Things We Love And Hate About Mexico Public Schools

There are good things about Mexico public schools and there are bad things about Mexico public schools. We put Sawyer, our five-year-old, in the third grade of pre-primary school last August. (This is equivalent to Kindergarten in the US.) We took Sawyer out six months later and decided to homeschool him. Six months of schooling […]

Be Confident! You Can Be Bilingual!

Be Confident! You Can Be Bilingual!

Okay so maybe I am not officially bilingual but I am on my way there! Our family of six is trying to conquer Spanish. Why? Being Bilingual, Learning Spanish First, we live in Mexico. We need to learn the language as residents of this country. Second, being bilingual is good for you. I complete a brain […]