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Is Protest The Answer?


Morelia, the capital of Michoacan, Mexico, is a city of protest. We see protests almost on a daily basis for one reason or another. Many times the people are probably justified at being upset but I don’t think protesting is actually solving any problems. Maybe it changes things for a short time but it offers […]

Downtown Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico


Last Saturday we spent the evening downtown. We got plenty of exercise walking and saw many beautiful old treasures. Later, we met up with some friends, had pizza, and watched the fireworks. Hope you enjoyed the photos. If you are curious about the details Google the names I mentioned. There are many more places to […]

We Bought a Pet Rabbit!


We bought a pet rabbit at the pet store. Mexico has rabbits too ;-) He is a Chocolate Rex. His fur is short but very soft. We had two rabbits a few years ago in Kentucky but we didn’t keep them long. They proved to be more then I could handle at the time due to […]

Sun, Sand, and Water in Ixtapa


I miss blogging! I think it’s been a week and that’s too long! The beach was wonderful. We left last Thursday and came home on Monday. I love sun, sand, and water. It was a great four days. We are about a four hour drive from Morelia to Ixtapa. The views between here and there […]

Our Family Schedule in Mexico


Tristan is sleeping and Brad took our older three kids to the pool. That means I have some “mommy time”. Peace and quiet. Ahhh… I have to brag on my husband. He is really putting his energy to good use. He goes in the Bible ministry, studies with the girls, makes breakfast and usually supper, […]

South Kingdom Hall in Morelia, Mexico


This is the second of two consecutive photography posts. This one features the South Kingdom Hall in Morelia, where we have our Bible meetings. Starting this Friday we will be meeting at Camelinas Kingdom Hall. I will be sure to post photos of the new hall in November. Enjoy, Tina I hope you enjoyed the […]