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Life in Mexico – Problems in The Hood


Life in Mexico is not happily ever after. We have problems in the hood. This week is a perfect example. First, finding a home proved more difficult than imagined. Although we did find one that we really like on Sunday, so that stressor has been eliminated. It is someone who Brad studies the Bible with. […]

Moving to Mexico – Part Two


I love the above quote. I tried to verify the source and it’s pretty controversial whether or not Augustine of Hippo actually made that exact quote. But who cares? I love it anyway! In our case we didn’t travel. We moved 2000 miles from our family and friends to Mexico. For us, I think the […]

Highway Robbery in Mexico


Maybe it wasn’t exactly highway robbery but we were definitely swindled. It was a bad business transaction gone awry. Our first yucky experience as foreigners with no leg to stand on. All we needed were two new tires for our truck. We now have four new tires for our truck. Two that are the wrong […]

Should You Move to Mexico? – Why Did Our Family of Six Make The Move?

Should You Move to Mexico? - Why Did Our Family of Six Make The Move?

UPATED 7/16/18 – Our move to Mexico was not a quick decision or an easy decision. Most people wonder how and why we ended up here.  I wrote a little about this at the beginning of this blog, but in this post, I will detail the reasons we decided to move to Mexico. Maybe it […]

Vaccines in Mexico


Last week Tristan had his first set of shots in Mexico. We have a very nice neighbor that lives around the corner. Adrian took us downtown Morelia to a local family health clinic. The shots were free, despite our family being from the US and living here on a temporary visa. Brad and I received […]