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Moving to Mexico – Renting Our 5th Home in Beautiful Michoacan

Moving to Mexico - Renting Our 5th Home in Michoacan

Updated 5/20/18 – Michoacan is a state in the Southern part of Mexico. We live in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico and our moving to Mexico journey began over four years ago. I never thought that we would be in our 5th rental home in only three years time. There are a few stories behind our rentals […]

How Does a Family of Six Live in Mexico On $2000 a Month?

How Does a Family of Six Live in Mexico On $2000 a Month

Updated 9/15/18 with the current exchange rates – First, let’s just get our income out of the way. My husband is a pensionado or a retiree. His income comes from social security disability because of a brain injury in 2001. I don’t have much of an income. My blog and photography are mostly for enjoyment […]

5 Things We Love And Hate About Mexico Public Schools

5 Things We Love And Hate About Mexico Public Schools

There are good things about Mexico public schools and there are bad things about Mexico public schools. We put Sawyer, our five-year-old, in the third grade of pre-primary school last August. (This is equivalent to Kindergarten in the US.) We took Sawyer out six months later and decided to homeschool him. Six months of schooling […]

Living Abroad is Hard, When Someone You Love is Dying


My Grandma Mehl, my mom’s mom, recently died. She was 94 and had pancreatic cancer. I live over 2000 miles away from her and my family. They are in Kentucky, USA. I am an expat living deep in South Mexico, 14 driving hours from the US border. I have four kids and a husband with a disability […]

12 Compelling Reasons to Live Abroad in Mexico


October 7, 2013, my husband and I moved our family of six, to the state of Michoacan, Mexico. Michoacan is located in the Southern mountain region of Mexico. We have lived here for two years in October and we love it! Here are 12 compelling reasons to live abroad in Mexico:   1. Mountain weather […]

Our Third Home in Mexico in Photos


I know some of you have been waiting a long time to see photos of our third home in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico. I am sorry that it took so long! This is one post of many that I am backed up on… Oh well! At least that means I have plenty of great Mexico content […]