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Bible Ministry in Mexico – Tasty Grasshoppers, Cute Pigs, & More


A big part of our life in Mexico is our Bible ministry. Bible Ministry in Mexico, (previously Bible Ministry Adventures),  is an ongoing series featuring sights and surroundings from our missionary work abroad. Our family of six resides in Southern Mexico and we spend a large amount of time in our community looking for people that […]

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40 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Guadalajara Zoo


Last December we were in Guadalajara for a Bible convention. We arrived a few days early and went to Guadalajara Zoo. As far as zoos go we were impressed! It was a great day and we enjoyed ourselves, kids and adults, alike. If we have the chance we will definitely return. Enjoy our photos :-) […]

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48 Photos of Our Family Filming with House Hunters International in Mexico

48 Photos of Our Family Filming with House Hunters International in Mexico

Our family appeared on the popular HGTV show House Hunters International while living here in Mexico. I was contacted in the Summer of 2014 about appearing on the show. They found our family via this blog, my blog, Los Gringos Locos! We never thought anyone would want to put us on TV. We submitted a video […]

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26 Beautiful Photos of Palenque’s Maya Pyramids in Mexico


 The Maya site of Palenque is beautiful! If you ever find yourself in the Southern part of Mexico near Belize you really need to take the family to Palenque. Trust me it will be worth it! These are the first pyramids we saw on our trip to Belize and they have a special place in […]

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