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Barra de Potosi, Guerrero, Mexico is My New Favorite Beach Town

Barra de Potosi in Guerrero, Mexico is My New Favorite Beach Town

Going through these pictures of Barra de Potosi, Guerrero has been nostalgic. It was a time when we weren’t under quarantine, we were free, and we were happy. Don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy. I have awesome kids, a wonderful family, and great friends. I also have a nice home, food in the […]

How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19? Living in Coronavirus Times

How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

The coronavirus, or Covid-19, has swept the world including the country of Mexico. For many of us this our first time experiencing a global pandemic such as the coronavirus, especially with the restrictions that have been put upon us by our respective governments. Besides the virus being a little scary these new restrictions feel weird […]

28 Photos of Lake Chapala, El Malecon de Chapala – Beautiful Mexico

My first impression of Lake Chapala wasn’t a good one. I made my opinion only by the stories I heard about the influx of expats and tourists to Lake Chapala and Ajijic in the past decade or so. However, after visiting the Malecon in Chapala for only a few hours on one Monday morning, as […]

Visit Nuevo San Juan – A Small Town in Michoacan, Mexico

San Juan Nuevo - A Small Town in Michoacan, Mexico

Nuevo San Juan is a little town in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. The full name of the town is Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro. The most interesting fact about this town is that the original San Juan was destroyed by the Paricutin volcano in 1943. After this, they moved the town to a new location […]

Moving to Mexico? We Are Renting Our Sixth Home Here!

Moving to Mexico We Are Renting Our Sixth Home Here

Are you interested in moving to Mexico? We have been living here with our four children for over six years. In September we moved into our sixth home here because our landlord sold our previous home. I have shared all our homes on this blog so if you are thinking of moving here you may […]