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How to Make Sharpie Coffee Cups with Your Kids in Photos

How to Make Sharpie Coffee Cups with Your Kids

Kids love crafts. At least mine do :-) Making Sharpie Coffee Cups is very easy for kids and it doesn’t require a lot from parents ;-) Hahaha! I don’t know about you but I have a hard time fitting arts and crafts into homeschooling so when I find something easy, creative, and fun, it’s a big […]

Teach ABC’s The Easy Way with Curiosity Pack

Teach ABC's The Easy Way with Curiosity Pack

*Disclosure: I received the letter pack from Curiosity Pack for free in exchange for a review. My opinions are always honest, and I am not required to post a positive review. You would think it would be easy to teach ABC’s to a five-year-old… When we started homeschooling our girls they were already in 3rd […]

40 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Guadalajara Zoo


Last December we were in Guadalajara for a Bible convention. We arrived a few days early and went to Guadalajara Zoo. As far as zoos go we were impressed! It was a great day and we enjoyed ourselves, kids and adults, alike. If we have the chance we will definitely return. Enjoy our photos :-) […]

3 Ideas for Outdoor Lesson Plans for ADHD Students

3 Ideas for Outdoor Lesson Plans for ADHD Students

*Thanks to Joyce Wilson for her second guest post here on Los Gringos Locos. Joyce is sharing with us some ideas for outdoor lesson plans that will benefit ALL students but especially those with ADHD. Sitting still, focusing, giving their undivided attention, working quietly on their own… When you list the behaviors required for a […]

Free Printable Laundry Checklist For Kids… and Husbands too!

Printable Laundry Checklist

I have a husband, four kids, and three cats. That makes nine living beings in our household. This boils down to a lot of laundry. It’s time to teach our oldest children the way Mommy washes clothes. Actually, my husband could use a little help in this area too. Hahaha ;-) This morning I took a […]

Why Raising “Outdoor Kids” is a Good Idea


*Thanks to Emma for this fabulous guest post on the benefits of raising “outdoor kids”. Although we are a very techie family, we value outdoor time and the need for it in our daily life. The way kids spend their time today has changed a lot compared to half a century ago. Our kids mostly stay […]