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“Going To Work” Sounds Good To A Tired Mom


For a long time I thought, “Why would a mother want to go to work and leave her kids?” Now I know. Not only are there circumstances when a mom needs to work to provide for her family, but there are also times when a mom needs to work for her own sanity. I blog […]

17 Cool Pinterest Boards for Homeschooling

[bctt tweet=”17 Cool #Pinterest Boards for #Homeschooling.”] I love Pinterest! Pinterest is a website treasure when you need ideas, and is great for organizing and storing those ideas for later use. When we started to homeschool our kids I went nuts scouring the Internet for all types of homeschooling resources. I didn’t want to lose any […]

Learning To Homeschool


Homeschool is not easy but it can be enjoyable. At first we were using a website called Time4Learning. It has a full curriculum for elementary and high school. It is not accredited but we decided that wasn’t important to us. Accreditation means that the school has been evaluated for quality assurance and that the school meets […]

Chore Charts For Kids


Alexis and Taylor are great helpers. Most of the time they love to work with us on projects inside and outside the home because they enjoy spending time with Mom and Dad. They also appreciate the praise they get for their hard work and “a job, well done”. In an continued effort to organize our […]