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ADHD in Our Family – Mommy has ADHD – Part One


*If you found this post interesting, please share. I will be sending an invisible hug your way :-) We have ADHD in our family. I have ADHD and my some of our kids have ADHD. I was diagnosed as a child and I was medicated during school hours till I was 12. In kindergarten I […]

What in The World are Breath Holding Spells?


Our 16 month old son, Tristan, has Breath Holding Spells or BHS. In short, he holds his breath till he passes out. BHS is not particularly dangerous. I have learned that many kids experience them. They start at a young age and usually disappear as a child grows older. There are different types of spells. […]

5 Excuses To Not Exercise


We all know why we should exercise. In case you forgot, I attached an infographic below, 30 Minutes of Exercise, The Key to A Happier, Healthier You. I need to print it and tape it to my mirror, because despite all these wonderful benefits of exercise I still make excuses… and I don’t exercise. At […]

25+ Things I Love – What About You?


25+ things I love, not exactly in order of importance: When my kids smile Photography Techie stuff like my laptop and tablet… geeky I know! Writing and being read Wine! Food – many, many different kinds Fresh, clean bed linens Dancing World travel and new places Chocolate – yum! Cats, big and small Flower Gardening […]

10 Ways To Save Money

Ahhh, if only money grew on trees! When a bill came in the mail or if we fell in love with something we could not live without, we could just walk into our back yard and pluck a couple bucks from our money tree. We moved to Mexico in part, to live simpler lives, to […]

Homemade Liquid Hand Soap


Oh my goodness! I have not been on the blog for a while. Sorry. Distractions and priorities. But today is a new day so I tried logging in to Blogger… Crazy! I don’t know if Google changed their setup or if I just had too many Google accounts to connect but it took me 30 […]