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How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19? Living in Coronavirus Times

How Is Mexico Coping With COVID-19 Living in Coronavirus Times

The coronavirus, or Covid-19, has swept the world including the country of Mexico. For many of us this our first time experiencing a global pandemic such as the coronavirus, especially with the restrictions that have been put upon us by our respective governments. Besides the virus being a little scary these new restrictions feel weird […]

Bible Ministry in Mexico – Tasty Grasshoppers, Cute Pigs, & More


A big part of our life in Mexico is our Bible ministry. Bible Ministry in Mexico, (previously Bible Ministry Adventures),  is an ongoing series featuring sights and surroundings from our missionary work abroad. Our family of six resides in Southern Mexico and we spend a large amount of time in our community looking for people that […]

Bible Ministry Adventures in Mexico #5


Participating in our Bible ministry in Mexico is always an adventure. First we meet at our local Kingdom Hall or a friend’s home. Then we make small groups and leave for the territory or our Bible studies. These photos are from two different days in our Bible ministry. We had to cut the first day […]

Bible Ministry Adventures #3


Our family enjoys being in the Bible ministry for more then one reason! Not only are we pleasing God by teaching others about the Bible but we also spend time with our friends, discover new sights and places, admire pretty flowers, appreciate beautiful vistas, learn about life and people, and mingle with nature. For all […]