Bible Ministry Adventures #4

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Well worn walking path

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Morelia Taco Stand
Brad is getting tacos for our hungry family.
View of Morelia
A view of Morelia and the surrounding mountains with the reminder, not to litter :-)
Walking in our Bible ministry
We are getting ready to walk down this monster hill!
Roof dog in Morelia
With no yards or tiny yards, most dogs live on the roof.
Humble home in Morelia
Taylor is looking for English speakers at this humble home.
Front door in Morelia
Sawyer is checking out this front door. He loves to leave tracts with Bible messages.
Small farm in Morelia
In the middle of the city you will find a small farm with cows and sheep.
Bridge over creek in Morelia
The kids had to try out this walking bridge over a small creek.
Horse in the Bible ministry
This man was caring for his horse. He was spreading a salve on a saddle sore.
Chickens in Morelia
Roosters in the city, possibly for cock fights, but we are not for sure.
Wall in Morelia
A pretty wall between a home and the street. It reminds me of the Old West.

Thanks for stopping by for Bible Ministry Adventures at Los Gringos Locos. If you would like to see our previous Bible Ministry Adventures in Mexico click on the link. Signing off, Tina



11 thoughts on “Bible Ministry Adventures #4

  1. Vidya Sury says:

    Great photos, Tina! I especially like the last one – the wall.

    The one with the dog reminded of a neighborhood we once lived in, for a short time, where the houses were so close together that we could practically see into each others’ houses. We occupied the ground floor and the house owner occupied the first… their dog, a Doberman, was in the second floor. Used to bark its life away, ferocious fellow!

    Happy to meet you via #ibabloggers! I’d love to visit Mexico some day. Have a great weekend!

    • Tina says:

      That is the way it is here in Morelia too! The houses are packed together with very little yard space. In our new home we are fortunate to have a nice yard ;-)

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