Bible Ministry Adventures #2

Saturday morning is time for family Bible ministry. It’s a routine so everyone is use to it. This Saturday, Brad and Alexis were not feeling well so they stayed home with Tristan. I went out with my middle two kiddies, Taylor and Sawyer. We had a great morning working with our friends. Keep reading to find out what can happen in one morning during our Bible ministry :-)
When we arrived at the Kingdom Hall we found out a couple had been rear-ended at a red light on the way to the ministry. Thankfully they didn’t have much damage because the other vehicle didn’t have insurance. This seems to be common here in Morelia. You can call the police and see what happens but frankly, you never know. Friday, we had a another friend who was rear-ended and the person at fault called his friend, a policeman. The policeman showed up and tried to get money out of our friend who was NOT at fault. It didn’t work but it shows how messed up the system can be. Really that is true anywhere you live, not just Mexico. Other countries simply hide their crookedness better. Many times here in Morelia, both drivers will come to a mutual agreement and go their separate ways without contacting the police or insurance. This was the case with the couple mentioned above. It all depends on the extent of the accident. Fortunately, automobile bodywork is inexpensive here in comparison to the States.
This morning we worked a few blocks in the North of Morelia. At one of the first houses we found at home, an older man came out to greet us. I usually say “Hello!” when I meet new people. The local custom is to say “Good morning!” or afternoon or evening, depending on the time of day, all in Spanish, of course. I forget this sometimes. This gentleman came out and said “You don’t say hello! You say good morning! Say it again!” So he walked back in his house and we tried again. Then when we told him we were looking for people who speak English he said “Do I look like I speak English? I am short and ugly. I don’t speak English!” He was a rather amusing individual! We meet all kinds of people in our Bible ministry.
On our trip around the first block, Sawyer and I saw a rat wandering the streets. I don’t know why this rat decided to venture out during the light. A man was chasing it around a car with a metal pole and within a few minutes the rat met his untimely demise. I tried to shield the kids from it’s brutal death but I think Taylor may have been sneaking glances out of morbid curiosity. The kids and I went to a shop to buy a snack and I realized the man behind the counter was the same man who had just killed the rat. I can only hope he washed his hands before coming back to work. He was out of breath and sweaty from his recent rat attack. Yuck.
We met two Mexican ladies who were Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Bible ministry that morning. They lived on the same street and had the same exact names, although unrelated. Apparently we were very close to another Spanish Kingdom Hall. It was one block over and up, a door in the wall that blends in with the other entrances. Taylor and I needed to use the restroom so meeting these Witnesses was convenient. One of them let us use her bathroom, even though we just met her and did not speak the same native language. It is wonderful to have friends all over the world who are trying to serve Jehovah God! Almost every day we go in our Bible ministry, we see Mexican friends in their Bible ministry. Sometimes we will say hello and sometimes we only have time for a wave.
Going home we saw a man riding a bicycle with a rainbow umbrella hat on, and a man dressed in an Indian costume dancing in the middle of the street for pesos. You never know what you will see when you are out and about in Morelia. Sawyer had his hair cut at Walmart for 60 pesos. They do a great job. I can cut Brad’s hair with our clippers, but Sawyer is more difficult. He doesn’t sit still and he has some crazy cowlicks. Now he looks like a sharp, little man. That was our morning, preaching about the Bible in Mexico. We were able to find a few people who speak English. We will return to visit them again in the future. Signing off till next time, TinaService1

5 thoughts on “Bible Ministry Adventures #2

  1. Myra Willison says:

    That just makes me laugh :) Especially the part with the rat. Then you bought something from the store where he worked. I’m shocks you didn’t say something. LOL Love and miss you all

    • Tina Ernspiker says:

      Looking back it is comical. At first I thought the man was trying to corral a pet rat… then I realized he was going to kill it! Love u too

  2. Anonymous says:

    Advice: Don’t buy a snack from that shop that has any kind of meat in it. You never know what you might be eating.
    It may be why he was so diligent in chasing it down.
    Thanks for the latest news… THE MILLIONS

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