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Bible Ministry Adventures #1

These are just a few of the sights we see daily in our Bible ministry. I am sure there will be more the longer we are here so I will probably post again on this subject. That is one of the coolest things about being in a foreign country. All the wonderful new sights to see and marvel at! Some good and some not so good but that is everywhere. Now I need to go start making supper. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Signing off for now,

Roof Dogs! Very few city homes have yards, so the dogs live on the roofs! It’s a very common site.

A comit. Pronounced com-eee. These little buses are all over the city and the drivers are crazy!

Fenced yards with pretty landscaping. We don’t go inside to knock. We ring the doorbells on the gate walls.

Uno en uno means one and then another. The signs are on almost every corner. Drivers take turns at the intersections. Works pretty well.

A man sitting in the middle of the road. I don’t know why and I didn’t feel comfortable stopping to help. The truck is not his. It’s just an intersection.

Morelia recycles. And we do not have to separate it. The guys go through each bag and separate the trash from recyclables. Hard work!

Cute kids sitting in front of a very old church turned into a medical center. I see these cute kids all the time ;-)

A river runs through the city. Unfortunately the sewer is drained directly into the river. Don’t swim there!

Our pharmacy. They are on every main street. See that little door to the left. It’s the doctor’s office. Many pharmacies have a doctor right beside them.

Bomberos are Morelia’s firefighters. The fire engines are hard to miss with the neon yellow!

Farm animals live in the city, without fencing. We have seen chickens, horses, goats, and cows.

Sound cars are still alive and kicking here! This one is advertising show tickets at a special price.

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