Be Confident! You Can Be Bilingual!

Be Confident! You Can Be Bilingual!
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Okay so maybe I am not officially bilingual but I am on my way there! Our family of six is trying to conquer Spanish. Why?

Be Confident! You Can Be Bilingual!

Being Bilingual, Learning Spanish

First, we live in Mexico. We need to learn the language as residents of this country. Second, being bilingual is good for you. I complete a brain workout routine every time I attempt to talk to someone in Spanish. Plus being bilingual opens up opportunities, both in your personal life and your work-related life.

I have been learning Spanish, on and off, for over five years. I am slow-going when it comes to learning this foreign language. My husband is more fluent than I claim to be. Our kids are learning slowly via the Internet and via life in Mexico. Sawyer, our five-year-old, is actually attending public school in Spanish. It is frustrating for him at times but he is a tough little dude. He still loves school and gets excited when we drive by the building, shouting “That is my school! Look!”

Our girls and I have ADHD, my husband suffers from memory loss and blackouts related to a brain injury, and my boys are only five and two. BUT… we are learning Spanish! If our family can learn Spanish so can you! Be confident! You can be bilingual!


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Being Bilingual is Both Hilarious and Frustrating, and that is okay

What is hilarious about learning a foreign language, you may wonder? Lots of things, trust me! I have stories, that I won’t repeat online, of times one misspoken word made an entire conversation seem dirty. That is just part of it! You will make mistakes. It won’t be easy. But you can do it! Si Se Puede!

TakeLessons gives us 10 Hilarious Frustrations Every Bilingual Can Relate To. I can relate to at least five or maybe even six of them. My favorites include:

  • You have a hard time getting your grammar rules straight.
  • You confuse two languages and end up speaking in a weird hybrid language.
  • Auto correct is your worst enemy.

You need to visit the site to find out the rest of the frustrations. TakeLessons hit the nail on the head with this post. It made me smile and if you are trying to learn a new language I am sure it will brighten your day too.

The concluding sentence from 10 Hilarious Frustrations speaks my sentiments exactly. To quote the article exactly, “Being bilingual has its quirks, however, don’t let these common frustrations prevent you from learning a new language!” I couldn’t agree more! If you have a bad moment learning a new language, laugh it off and keep on going. Be confident! You can be bilingual! Signing off in Mexico, Tina


4 thoughts on “Be Confident! You Can Be Bilingual!

  1. Julie S. says:

    I totally understand the brain workout comment! My family is Russian but I grew up in the US (though I wasn’t born here) so it is a huge brain workout to communicate in Russian with them hehe.

    • Tina Marie Ernspiker says:

      Awesome! How old were you when you came from Russia? Do you have an accent? Probably not if you were very young! Have you thought about speaking it with your children? Hahaha! I have all kinds of questions :-)

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