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atomidoodle -math-chemistry


Alexis, our 11 year old daughter, is very selective. This is a polite way of saying, “Our girl is picky.” She knows what she likes and what she wants, and that is that. I was afraid that she would try out the new Atomidoodle for Android and immediately dislike it, but this wasn’t the case. Atomidoodle is a winning game for Alexis, that she continues to enjoy and play.


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What is Atomidoodle?

Atomidoodle is a fast-paced game that teaches division, addition, and the periodic table using mazes. The goal of the game is to safely lead atoms through the maze and create new atoms. Your child will practice math as he or she divides or adds the atoms to create new atoms. There is a helpful tutorial in the beginning of the game, and as your child progresses through Atomidoodle they will unlock cool facts about the elements.


atomidoodle -math-chemistry

atomidoodle -math-chemistry


Why We Like the Atomidoodle Math and Chemistry App

Alexis likes Atomidoodle because science and math are her favorite subjects. Chemistry is science, and Atomidoodle is all about chemistry. Atomidoodle is fast-paced and it keeps Alexis on her toes. I like Atomidoodle because it is educational. When Alexis is playing it I know she is actually learning something. With all the non-learning games that are available for tablets, I am happy we found one that teaches science and math. I played Atomidoodle before I turned it over to Alexis so I would have a bit of experience with the game. Even for a 35 year old mom it was fun, and a little addictive!




How Does Atomidoodle Help with Homeschool Math and Chemistry?

Atomidoodle boosts math skills and teaches your child about the periodic table. Mom and Dad don’t have to do any work! For this reason it would be a great addition to your homeschool curriculum. We are a homeschooling family and this game was great for us. The more our children can learn on their own, the easier it is for us. Perhaps your child attends public school and is having trouble with math or chemistry, then Atomidoodle may be the help you are looking for. Plus it’s fun, and that mean a lot to our children. I wish education was always fun!

We are an Android family so we have been playing Atomidoodle for Android. But for all those Apple families out there, guess what? You can also download Atomidoodle for iPad. Enjoy your Atomidoodle adventure and go learn some math and chemistry! Signing off, Tina

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atomidoodle -math-chemistry

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