5 Excuses To Not Exercise

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We all know why we should exercise. In case you forgot, I attached an infographic below, 30 Minutes of Exercise, The Key to A Happier, Healthier You. I need to print it and tape it to my mirror, because despite all these wonderful benefits of exercise I still make excuses… and I don’t exercise. At least not on a regular basis. Can anyone relate to my excuses?

  1. I have no motivation. I am 30-something, with four kids, and little physical energy. These three facts alone should motivate me to stay healthy with exercise but they don’t.
  2. It gets boring. I have a short attention span. If I am not entertained or deeply interested, forget about it. I flip-flop between exercise routines like a fish out of water.
  3. I don’t prioritize my time. When I could be exercising I am sitting at the laptop working on my blog. I need to set aside the time for exercising, even if it’s just a short routine. It might even help me be a better blogger!
  4. I don’t feel like it. I am tired, or I have a headache, or maybe I am just stressed out from being a mom and wife. So I pour a glass of wine and chill on the couch with Brad or the girls.
  5. My ADHD gets in the way. “I am going to exercise… oh wait… let me feed the baby, help Taylor with math, wipe a dirty butt, take out the trash, make the girls clean their room, check my email…” You get the idea.

Still… I want to be fit and healthy so here we go again… My latest routine lasts about 10 minutes. So far I feel the burn in my abs, legs, gluts, and chest. Not bad for 10 minutes. Either it’s a good routine or I am a weakling… either way, burn means progress. Maybe I can stick with this routine for longer than a week. If not you can be sure one of my excuses for not exercising has won yet again :-) Signing off, Tina




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