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Life in Mexico with Four Kids, Missionary Work, Homeschool, Travel, ADHD, and a Brain Injury. Every Day is a Little Loco!

Work With Me

I am always open to opportunities that will benefit both you, me, and my readers. If you have any ideas in the following areas, please feel free to contact me via [email protected].

  • Paid reviews – Compensated either by product and/or cash. Giveaways are optional.
  • Sponsored posts – I will happily post an article you have written if it fits my blog. Article subjects include family travel, expat life, homeschool, parenting, ADHD, anxiety, and brain injuries. Contact me for rates.
  • Travel opportunities – We are especially available for travel within Mexico although one day I would love to see the world ;-) Send me your ideas.
  • Paid freelance writing – I love writing and photography. If I can put together an appealing post for you let’s get in touch.
  • Affiliate and ad networks – I currently work with BrandCycle and Shareasale but I am open to other possibilities.

*Please don’t contact me looking for freebies or a hand-out.  Maintaining my blog and social media networks requires hard work and I hope you will value that as much as I do.

Press & Media References

I am proud to be featured on the following outlets. My biggest hit so far has been working with House Hunters International. Yes, our family was on TV! We had our five minutes of fame :-)

Blunt Moms
Expats Blog
ExpatPost – Current contributor
Global Living Magazine
House Hunters International
Huffington Post Contributors
iHomeschool Network
International Bloggers Association – Current board member and contributor
Mom Babble
Multicultural Kid Blogs
The Homemaker’s Journal
The Mighty
World Moms Blog

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you! Signing off, Tina

Tina Marie Ernspiker

Tina Marie Ernspiker

Photographer / Writer

Our family of six, (plus two cats and one dog), live abroad in Mexico. We homeschool, travel, and perform missionary work all while managing ADHD, (Mommy has it too), and a brain injury.

We live a life of adventures, big and small, and hopefully, our lives will relate and appeal to families around the world with similar obstacles and goals.

Our primary objective is to raise happy and responsible children who love our Creator while teaching them the whole world is their home.

Welcome to our life in Mexico, a lifestyle and photography blog, Tina :-)

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