Pomegranates Grown in Mexico

Guanajuato City – Instagram Expat / Travel Photography Linkup

Well, this is the second week of our Instagram Expat / Travel Photography Linkup. I decided to ditch the name Mexigram Monday that I used last week. I also added expat to this photography linkup because that is what I am :-) An expat traveling mom of four!


Our first week of our photography linkup was a little sad because we only had 7 photos… but I know from past experience with linkups they take time to grow. So we will keep trying in the hope that more individuals contribute :-)

My favorite photo from last week’s linkup was Guanajuato City by Instagrammer @coddiwompling. We visited Guanajuato some time back and we loved it. It is full of tunnels, colors, mines, and even a kissing alley! Leave @coddiwompling a sweet comment. They deserve it!

#coddiwompling #travel #mexico #guanajuato #colorfulhouses #citylife

A photo posted by Ludek & Sarah 📷 🌍 travelblog (@coddiwompling) on

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Last week I shot and Instagrammed pomegranates, candy, and a pretty orange and blue casa in the city. Show us your favorites Instagrams below :-) Signing off, Tina

PS I may be unavailable next week due to a family vacay ;-) If so I promise to pick up where we leave off the following week. See you then!

#pomegranate #granada at the #mercado in #uruapan #michoacan #mexico #fruit #colorful #colorsofmexico #yellow #pink

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Candy at the market #dulce #mercado #michoacan #colorsofmexico #uruapan #mexico #expat #expatlife

A photo posted by Colors of Mexico (@colorsofmexico) on

Pretty #blue and #orange casa in the #city #mexico #michoacan #colorsofmexico #uruapan #home #colorful #pretty #colors

A photo posted by Colors of Mexico (@colorsofmexico) on

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  1. I’ve been looking foward to this link-up all week! I shared two pictures this time – one from my local “travels” and a traveling pic from a trip a bit further away. Can’t wait to find some more fun pictures to check out :)

      1. Not an expat…. but maybe someday :) At the moment I am just back in my local New England, and trying to be a tourist here in my hometown as much as possible.

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