53 Photos of Playa La Ropa and Playa Las Gatas in Zihuatanejo – Beautiful Mexico

Zihuatanejo is in Guerrero, Mexico. Guerrero is supposedly one of the most dangerous states in Mexico. The cartel is well-known for controlling parts of Guerrero and the neighboring state of Michoacan, (which also happens to be where we have resided for the last four years). Media can present truth but it can also twist it […]

This is Us

After a traumatic brain injury, giving up a thriving family business, filing for bankruptcy, and being accepted for Social Security Disability..... We decided to sell ALL our possessions, give our home back to the bank, and move to Southern Mexico with FOUR kids. That was four years ago and we are happily still here...

22 Sweet Photos of Tequila, Jalisco - the Mexican Town That Will Have You Thirsting for a Visit

22 Photos of Tequila, Jalisco That Will Have You Thirsting for a Visit

Tequila, Jalisco is a sweet little town not very far from the big city of Guadalajara in Southern Mexico. We were in Guadalajara for a Bible convention and we decided to drive a few more miles to Tequila before coming home to Michoacan. We wanted to tour the Jose Cuervo distillery but we decided the […]

Is Your Homeschooler Struggling with Reading Comprehension? Try Wordbuild!

Is Your Homeschooler Struggling with Reading Comprehension? Try Wordbuild!

DISCLOSURE: I received WordBuild for free and was compensated for my time. My opinions are honest and I am not required to post a positive review. Reading equals learning. This is important. We noticed Taylor, age 12, needed help with reading comprehension. Since we homeschool, I searched online for a program and I found WordBuild. […]

Our Son Fell Through Our Roof - Life in Mexico

What is The Cost of An Emergency Room Visit in Mexico? The Price-Tag Will Blow Your Mind!

Accidents happen… Like the time last year when my son fell through a skylight on the garage roof. One minute my four kids and I were in the guest room talking to my mom-in-law and the next minute I hear Sawyer, our six-year-old, crying in the kitchen. He was so fast that we didn’t even […]