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Our Son Fell Through Our Roof - Life in Mexico

What is The Cost of An Emergency Room Visit in Mexico? The Price-Tag Will Blow Your Mind!

Accidents happen… Like the time last year when my son fell through a skylight on the garage roof. One minute my four kids and I were in the guest room talking to my mom-in-law and the next minute I hear Sawyer, our six-year-old, crying in the kitchen. He was so fast that we didn’t even […]

Moving to Mexico - Renting Our 5th Home in Michoacan

Moving to Mexico – Renting Our 5th Home in Beautiful Michoacan

Michoacan is a state in the Southern part of Mexico. We live in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico and our moving to Mexico journey began over four years ago. I never thought that we would be in our 5th rental home in only three years time. ARTICLE UPDATED 2/4/18 WITH CURRENT EXCHANGE RATES   There are a […]